What is Butea Superba?

Butea superba is a plant long used in certain systems of traditional medicine, including traditional Thai medicine. Available in dietary supplement form, the roots of Butea superba contain compounds said to improve sexual function and many experts claim it is just as effective as Viagra or Cialis for treating erectile dysfunction less all the negative side effects. Sounds terrific right?

Could Butea Superba Be Used In Place of Viagra?

For hundreds of years the Chinese and Thai people have called Butea superba the “King” of male herbs. They use it to significantly improve Penile erection size and hardness. Western medicine has  clinically proven that Butea Superba can be succesfully used to treat Erectile dysfunction in patients with the risk of altering blood pressure.

How Does Butea Superba Work?

In scientific studies the raw extract from the root of Butea superba has been shown to contain flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides demonstrating comparable benefit as that of the Viagra, while Butea superba does not cause any of the side effects. Many studies reveal a strong vasodilatation effect, via the production of nitric oxide. Enzymatic tests have shown Butea superba to be a potent inhibitor of c-AMP Phosphodiesterase which reacts directly at the corpus cavernosum in the penis enhancing blood flow to penis area leading to a more frequent, longer lasting, stamina, stronger male sexual arousal period similar to the effects of Viagra.

More Sciene on the Efficacy of Butea Superba

A recent clinical trial published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2003 suggests that the herb may help treat erectile dysfunction.

Analyzing findings on a group of volunteers (ages 30 to 70) with erectile dysfunction, the study’s authors found that three months of treatment with Butea superba extract led to significant improvement in erectile function for most of the patients.

Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, the internationally known herbologist has proven in numerous clinical trials that this natural compound is the biggest scientific breakthrough in history for natural male enhancement. The Bangkok Post newspaper reported that over 20 tons a month are being shipped to Japan.  Below are scans of the clinical studies that we obtained.


In another study recorded in the US goverment health database  conducted an evaluation of the effects of Butea Superba in comparison to the manufactured drug Sildenafil (Viagra) for treating erectile dysfunction. From 32 male participants, in the Butea group 84% (27) of the participants responded positively, compared to a lower 81% (26) men in the Sildenafil (Viagra) group.

The study’s conclusion was noted that an all natural product which contained Butea Superba was proven to match if not improve on Sildenafil with regards to its effectiveness.

Does Butea Superba Have Any Known Side Effects?

Research in rodents does not indicate butea superba to have any significant side effects, but long term human studies are not yet available.

What are some products that contain Butea Superba?

There aren’t that many that we have seen. If you are looking for a “viagra” alternative, something that provides the same benefits without the side effects, then check out our review of SizeGenix.

Should You Use Butea Superba?

Due to the abundant research, it’s pretty clear that  Butea superba is a great natural treatment for any condition related to ED or to use simply if you want to get a harder fuller erection. Please leave us some feedback if you have used Butea Superba or a product containing this ingredient.

2 Reviews

  1. Max

    I am 74 and was very active before retirement, including sex. Since stopping all the sports because of leg and heart operations, I also found no interest in sex. I started taking Butea Superba about 4 months ago and now find it easy to get an erection and feel a lot sexier than before.

  2. Derek J

    I had lost interest in sex after 5 major operations in 12 months. Then I started taking Butea Suoperba, 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner. Now I can get good erections, much easier, and a lot more feeling.


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