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Ketōnd is a dietary supplement company that sells one of the most popular exogenous ketone supplements available. They focus on providing high quality BHB supplements at a more affordable price than what is being offered by  MLM based companies. (Ketōnd is not an MLM).
BHB Quality100%
Customer Feedback96%
Brand Trust100%
  • 11.7g of goBHB per Serving
  • 100% Ingredient Transparency
  • Best Tasting Ketone Supplement
  • Hard to Find
  • Only a 30 Day Supply Per Bottle
99%Overall Score


Ketōnd is a caffeine-free ketone supplement in a drink formula that is sold in 30 serving tubs and is available in 3 flavors – Caramel Macchiato, Citrus Mango and Tigers Blood (watermelon, coconut & strawberry). This is not to be mistaken with the ataspberry Ketones that you blasted all over Facebook and online with fake ads featuring Dr. Oz or Oprah.

According to, the official price we were able to find is $79.95 for a 30 serving tub which comes out to $2.66 per serving.

Compared that to the prices of Keto-OS:

— 15 servings (OTG) = $85 = $5.66 per serving
— 30 servings (OTG) = $160 = $5.33 per serving
— 30 servings (KAN) = $144 = $4.80 per serving
— 60 servings (KAN 30 + OTG 30) = $300 = $5 per serving
— 90 servings (KAN 30 + OTG 60) = $460 = $5.11 per serving
— VIP 75 servings (KAN 30 + OTG 45) = $350 = $4.66 per serving

Here are the prices for the Keto MAX

— 20 servings (OTG) = $130 = $6.50 per serving

Ketōnd Nutrition Label

Ketōnd just released more information about their product. We can finally start to better understand what Keto-OS can do for us.

Is Ketōnd Safe?

While we haven’t seen any actual clinical trials on the Ketōnd product itself or any other ketone supplement, but there is a ton of research dealing with ketones. As you will see, we have linked to some below. As with any supplement, you should always consult with your doctor, but they mention two things in particular with their supplement; Hypersensitivity to salt or have any risk of kidney stones, that you should really consult your doctor about before taking.

It is also suggested that you should start with a smaller dose and work up to one full serving so that you avoid any gastro-intestinal discomforts.

What we love about Ketōnd is that they are 100% transparent about how much BHB is used and what all of the ingredients are. Most companies, Pruvit included, fail to disclose how much BHB they use and instead hide the actual amount in a “Proprietary Blend”. On the back of the Keto OS Max package it says that it is ‘Patent Pending’. I went to the US Patent website and did a search but nothing came up. Even if the patent was listed it would disclose the amount of BHB used – so why not just put it on the label?

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Research On The Ingredients

Here is a list of research articles and studies that dive heavily into Ketones and the other ingredients in Ketōnd.

Dietary Ketosis Enhances Memory In Mild Cognitive Impairment
The Effects of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate on Cognition
Ketones Suppress Brain Glucose Consumption
Neuroprotective And Disease-modifying Effects Of The Ketogenic Diet
Clinical Review: Ketones And Brain Injury
Nutrition and Traumatic Brain Injury
Ketogenic Diets And Physical Performance
Treatment Of Diabetes And Diabetic Complications With A Ketogenic Diet
Long-term Effects Of A Ketogenic Diet In Obese Patients
Effects Of A Ketogenic Diet On Tumor Metabolism

As you can see, there are a lot of research articles out there on the topic. So it is apparent that Ketones are important. That gives us hope that their product may actually be significant.

Ketōnd Ketostax

Ketostax are add-ins or “boosts” that were designed to be added to a serving of Ketōnd. In sampling the Ketostax I found that because they all have a rich vanilla taste that they actually enhance the already great flavoring of Ketōnd.

Currently there are three Ketostax available. This is from

Ketostax MCT Ketone Booster

MCTs are one of the cleanest fuel sources available for the body, supporting energy and healthy metabolism. One serving of KetōStax MCT Powder contains 10g of 100% coconut sourced MCT powder and contains a high amount of lauric acid. KetōStax MCT Powder gives you all of the benefits of MCT oil there is no need for a blender.

Simply stir in this powder with any of the delicious Ketōnd flavors and you have an instant source of one of the cleanest fuel sources available for your body.

One serving of KetōStax MCT Powder contains 10g of 100% coconut sourced and contains a high amount of lauric acid.

Ketostax Metabolic Accelerator

The  Metabolic Accelerator contains the ingredients necessary to give your metabolism the fuel it needs to help you lose weight and provide a crash-free energy boost. Like all the products in the Ketōnd lineup, KetōStax Metabolic Accelerator doesn’t cut any corners. That’s because 8 scientifically proven fat-burning ingredients AND just like the rest of our products every ingredient is listed on the supplement facts panel along with its actual dose.

If you’re ready to take it to the next level and work on dropping some serious body fat then all you have to do is mix one serving of Metabolic Accelerator with Ketōnd and you have the ultimate fat loss supplement available.

Ketostax Strength and Endurance Blend

KetōStax Strength & Endurance blend was developed to contain only the most necessary, proven ingredients available. There are no fillers or token amounts of ingredients sprinkled in this formula to increase the cost or let us bolster marketing claims like so many other supplement companies do.

By combining 4 of the most proven ingredients into the best strength and endurance supplement supplement, KetōStax will helps you push your limits so that you can optimize your performance and reach your potential.

This blend is perfect for busy professionals, athletes, or even on-the-go moms and dads who want to look, feel, and perform their best.

Any Guarantees?

It does look like if you aren’t satisfied with their product they will off you a full refund (minus the cost of shipping) as long as you contact Ketōnd within 3 months of your purchase. They do not require a return of the product itself if you only order a 1 tub pack. But anything beyond that they would require you return the product.

Is Ketōnd an MLM Company?

Absolutely not. Ketōnd is sold direct to consumers and not through independent distributors. That’s how they are able to bring the cost down so much.


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9 Reviews

  1. Hanna

    This is the 1st purchase of a Keto product I have tried, and will honestly say that my mental clarity is unbelievable. I am only taking one scoop a day while the kids are at school and purchased this to enhance my exercise program to try and slim down prior to vacation. Although I have not encountered any weight loss yet I have noticed my stomach is a bit flatter, my pants are a bit looser and the mental clarity is just a big WOW.

  2. Trevor

    This product is by far the best ketone supplement I’ve tried, and I’ve tried them all. Pruvit, Instaketones, you name it. This is the only one I’d recommend.

  3. Amber J

    I tried this brand after using Keto/OS from Pruvit for over 6 months. I just couldn’t afford it any longer. BUT I still wanted my ketones. One half serving worked just as well as Keto OS. If you add in the MCT Coconut Powder that they gave me for free it was like having a cup of coffee icecream. I would like to try the tigers blood flavor, but I am not too sure what it is. It costs less than everything else, I don’t see how you’d want to go with anything else.

  4. Jennifer S

    Ketond simply works. I’ve been mixing it with the MCT coconut oil powder that I got free when I ordered and it tastes amazing. I’ve never had such mental clarity and such incredible energy. My stomach is also getting flatter. I’m glad to find a ketone supplement that is priced so awesome.

  5. Amber J

    Ketond does exactly as promised. It is a life-saver on a low-carb diet and on days when I just want to feel better. Only product I’ve tried for this purpose so, can’t compare but, the taste is pretty darn good, IMO BUT, I don’t feel the need to try any other product. This one works & works well. I don’t take it everyday so, the price is fair, for the value of the results.

  6. Jeremy

    Awesome product!!! Lost 25 lbs in 2 months…. I mad no changes to my diet or my weekly excerise routine. I had loads more energy, my skin was clearer and my wife swears that I am easier to get along with, lol. Bottom line is that Ketond really helps for weight loss but it really has improved every aspect of my health. It is much cheaper than the MLM based ketone supplements and they disclose all of the ingredients so I know what I’m getting. I went from a 42 waist to 34. Best part is that I have been more active and get to spend a higher quality of time with my wife and family.

  7. Jessica

    I have been taking ketond for 45 days and I thought I’d share what’s happened so far. I had a dexascan, which is like an MRI that shows you body fat, muscle weight, bone density etc. I get them done every month to track my progress. My muscle weight increased 2.2 pounds and by body fat decreased from 31.2% to 26.1% in one month drinking the ketond. Ketond is amazing!!

  8. Albert

    I was taking pruvit keto os for over a year and lost 20 pounds. I couldnt justify the cost anymore. that stuff is $$$. so i found ketond, and i’m so glad i did. in only 2 months i’m down 15 pounds and it costs so much less! this is fantastic!!


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